Segmented single-face metal detector for inspecting web widths
Application Profile
  • detects all magentic and non-magnetic metals
Inspection of
  • sheet materials
Product description
The PROTEX E range of single-face metal detectors is used to inspect sheet materials (1.0 - 4.0 m) and pinpoint any metal fragments. They provide outstanding detection results, even when the distance between product and sensor surface is quite large. The sensor surface is divided into 256-mm wide segments. Installation is easy and cost-effective, thanks to a plug-in shaft and pedestal bearing.  
• easy and cost-effective to install; fully floating on shaft and pedestal bearings
• standard versions available for web widths between 1 and 4m
• optimal detection across the entire web width
• accurate detection even with greater distances between product and sensor surface
• highly reliable and resistant to inteference  
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