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Why you should not miss interpack 2017?

interpack is the essential event for the food, beverage, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food and industrial goods sectors. No other trade fair in the world presents the entire supply chain. At no other trade fair does the packaging industry provide all sectors with tailored solutions and innovative designs based on such a variety of materials, and it is, of course, THE event for the packaging industry.  Interpack 2017


Why you should visit Sesotec's booth?

You want to meet the stringent specifications of your customers in the food industry and reliably detect and separate even smallest contaminants or product defects? Your employees should be able to use the machine without any effort? Then Sesotec's booth is worth visiting. Our team provides competent advice concerning all the questions of quality assurance in the food industry and shows you suitable solutions for your company. With our product portfolio of metal detectors, x-ray inspection systems and sorting systems we provide solutions and technologies for almost all stages of the production process and thus help you guarantee your product quality.


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The new metal detector INTUITY - Purity with ease.

The all new Sesotec INTUITY with multi-simultaneous frequency technology provides up to 50% higher detection accuracy compared to existing metal detection systems in the market–even in the most challenging applications.
With its new and innovative user interface „INTUITY CONTROL“, it has never been easier to achieve product purity and food safety.


Advantages of the new INTUITY:

  • High detection performance due to leading detection technology with multi-simultaneous frequency
  • Up to 50% better results than existing metal detectors in the market
  • Industry benchmark in terms of usability with new user interface INTUITY CONTROL
  • Conform with all major food safety standards and retailer codes of practice (IFS, BRC,…)
  • Improved reliability due to enhanced self-monitoring system

Come to see the new INTUITY live on our Booth at interpack 2017!


The new RAYCON D


With the new RAYCON D X-Ray system, our proven and reliable detection technology comes in a new design specifically developed for outstanding ease of use and cleanability.




The advantages of our new designed RAYCON D:

  • High-end detection capability and proven detection algorithms
  • Strong improvement regarding usability:
    - Accessibility
    - Cleanability and hygienic design
    - Handling
  • Minimization of production down-time for cleaning and maintenance
  • Enhanced software features for enlarging range of applications



New Entry-level X-ray model RAYCON EX1


For customers who are interested in easy-to-use and low-cost entry-level equipment for X-ray inspection, Sesotec presents the new RAYCON EX1 model. This system is especially suited for the "end of line" inspection of packed products with maximally 200 millimetres width and 120 millimetres height.


With its minimal installation length of only 800 millimetres and Ethernet connection the RAYCON EX1 system can be easily integrated in existing packing lines. Due to "low-energy" X-ray technology the system lastingly contributes to efficient and eco-friendly operation and at the same time provides high detection accuracy for contaminations such as stainless steel, glass, or stones starting from a size of 0.6 millimetres. The system features easy integration, operation, maintenance, and cleaning.



Come to see our new X-ray inspection systems RAYCON D and RAYCON EX1 live on our Booth at interpack 2017!




Sesotec offers proven and economically efficient sorting solutions for the food industry  - for fresh, frozen, dried, cut, poured, and packed products. From these products Sesotec sorting systems remove a multitude of contaminants and impurities of organic and inorganic origin such as: Glass, wood, cardboard, metals, plastics, stones, and also insects, rodents, etc.. Products of incorrect colour, shape, or with partial defects also can be reliably detected and separated.

Food Sorting   Food Sorting   Food Sorting

At interpack 2017 Sesotec presents its newly developed  CAPTURA FLOW food sorting system.


In the food industry these sorting systems are used to remove vegetable and non-vegetable contaminations and to thus guarantee consumer protection. The systems also detect and remove product defects and thus maximise the quality of the end product.


The new CAPTURA FLOW sorting system was designed to specifically meet the requirements of the food industry with respect to highest hygienic design demands. In the development of

this system Sesotec primarily focused on quick and easy cleaning and attached great importance to open design and disassembly without tools, e.g. implemented with the quick-release conveyor belt.


With the variable use of sensors the system offers the advantage of great flexibility. Depending on the type of food that should be sorted, the multi-sensor CAPTURA FLOW system can be flexibly adapted to the respective sorting requirements by combining various sensors.  The modular design allows sensor upgrades at any time, which for the customer means that the system is a safe investment for the future. 


Individual light and air-blast units make it possible to optimally match the system to the sorting task and simultaneously guarantee optimised energy and compressed-air consumption.


Visit us at the interpack 2017 and convince yourself of the advantages of the new CAPTURA FLOW sorting system.
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