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Fakuma is one of the leading technical events for industrial plastics processing.More than 1700 exhibitors will present their international offerings at this trade fair. Fakuma will take place in the fully occupied Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre from 17 to 21 October 2017, and is expecting more than 40,000 expert visitors from 120 countries.


Simple. Connected.


At the FAKUMA 2017 trade fair Sesotec as trade fair highlights presents Industry 4.0-ready metal separators to trade visitors. The objective of plastics manufacturers and processors is to produce a maximum quantity of products in constant high quality. For achieving this objective the digitisation of processes is of decisive importance.

Sesotec at K2016


For injection moulding, for example, digitisation in practice means that processes run stable and with high precision because information that is provided by peripherals such as metal separators is gathered in a network through standardised interfaces and machine parameters are thus automatically readjusted.


Most machine and system manufacturers as well as plant operators today are faced with complex Industry 4.0 concepts. Concrete recommendations for action, however, are hard to find. Due to different communications solutions a system integration means immense efforts. This can now be remedied by OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture), which meets all the requirements of Industry 4.0 communication and is more and more established as a standard.


As an innovative company Sesotec concentrates on this type of integration to make metal separators "Plug & Play"-compliant. Sesotec therefore is one of the pioneers of OPC UA system integration (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture)

Visit us at Fakuma and convince yourself of the new chances of connected systems in the plastics processing industry.


On our booth at Fakuma 2017 we will present metal detectors, metal separators and magnet systems for detection and separation of metals in all production stages of the plastics industry.





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  • Highest scanning sensitivity for all metals due to innovative HRF technology (High Resolution Frequency)

  • Modular system concept for optimal adaptation to customer- and material-specific requirements

  • Easy operation due to Control Unit GENIUS+ with LCD graphic display



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  • Extremely high scanning sensitivity for all metals even under high mechanical load, e.g.   with heavy conveyor, dosing, mixing, and feeding units mounted on top

  • For the protection of precision moulds, e.g. for bottle caps with up to 96 cavities (mould nests) and more


  • Especially designed for pneumatic conveying lines (vacuum, pressure conveying)

  • Reliable metal detection also in case of higher conveying speeds

  • Separation of contaminated material without any interruption of the conveyed material flow




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  • For the inspection of powdery and grainy bulk materials in free-fall conveying pipes

  • Efficient separation of fine and very fine ferrous metal contaminations

  • Easy handling and cleaning due to quick-locks and large stripping plate

  • For the inspection of powdery and grainy bulk materials in standing or slow-flowing material columns

  • Low mounting height

  • Highly robust design

  • High magnetic power

  • For applications in the plastics
    industry with slow-moving bulk
    material columns

  • Short delivery time

  • Easy handling and cleaning

  • Optimal cost-performance ratio

In the plastics industry the sorting and thus reclaiming of unmixed plastics is becoming ever more important. At the Fakuma 2017 our plastics sorting specialists Franz Schaab and Dominik Ebner will therefore be available all day at the Sesotec trade fair stand (hall B1, stand 1302) from Tuesday to Wednesday (17 - 18 October) to answer your questions on this subject.


Sesotec has been one of the market leaders for metal and contaminant separation for more than 20 years and has developed standardised as well as individual complete solutions for this.

Flake Purifier
Sorting of plastic flakes with the FLAKE PURIFIER

multi-sensor system.

From whole bottle sorting through to high-sensitivity PET particle separation – Sesotec covers the complete range of contaminant separation and material flow sorting systems.


Franz Schaab Franz Schaab: "Our systems decisively contribute to the profitable returning of recycling materials into the production cycle. They allow recycling rates of up to 100%. The systems operate with state-of-the-art technologies such as high-frequency technology for metal detection, or multi-spectral analysis for colour separation and material type detection. Visit us at the Fakuma! I shall be pleased to welcome you at our stand."


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